Comerica HealthReserve(SM)

HSA Administration for Employers

Comerica HealthReserve for Employers

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have become the fastest-growing product in the health benefits industry for good reasons. High-deductible health plans dramatically lower health insurance costs for employers while employee-owned accounts provide control and freedom for routine health expenses.

Comerica's HealthReserve for Employers makes the challenges and complexities associated with implementing and managing an HSA program easy.

Helping You Each Step of the Way

At each step of the process we are with you. Comerica's proven approach ensures that you and your employees have access to the tools and account specialty required when setting up and managing your Comerica HealthReserve program.

Control at the Click of a Mouse

Comerica's web-based interfaces allow you to add/remove employees, set funding preferences, link to payroll processing, and measure how well the program is received by your employees.

Service You Can Count On

Our Comerica HealthReserve specialists are available to answer any questions you may have. In addition we provide online access and interactive voice response via telephone.

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